Jembatan Cincin

Jembatan Cincin adalah jembatan kereta api bernilai sejarah yang dibangun pada tahun 1918. Jembatan yang terletak di Desa Hegarmanah, Jatinangor, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat. Tepatnya di halaman belakang kampus Jatinangor Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Jembatan kuno yang tidak asing lagi bagi masyarakat Jawa Barat ini panjangnya sekitar 40 meter.

Dulunya, jembatan ini digunakan untuk perlintasan kereta api yang mengangkut hasil bumi dari Sumedang ke Batavia (Jakarta). Kereta yang melintasi jembatan ini hanya digunakan untuk mengangkut hasil bumi sehingga tidak digunakan sebagai kereta penumpang.

Jembatan ini disebut Jembatan Cincin karena bentuknya yang tampak seperti separuh cincin saat dilihat dari kejauhan. Jalur rel kereta api peninggalan masa kolonial Belanda ini menjadi penghubung antara Stasiun Tanjungsari Sumedang dengan Stasiun Rancaekek Kabupaten Bandung.

Jembatan ini tidak lagi digunakan sebagai jembatan kereta api untuk mengangkut hasil bumi ketika Jepang datang ke Indonesia di tahun 1942. Kini, bangunan bersejarah peninggalan masa kolonial Belanda ini kondisinya sangat memprihatinkan.

Tak jauh dari jembatan ini, terdapat bangunan lain yang juga merupakan peninggalan masa pemerintahan kolonial Belanda, yaitu Menara Loji. Kondisi Menara Loji tidak lebih baik dari jembatan.  Hanya bagian tugunya saja yang masih tersisa. Selain itu, lonceng besar yang dulunya terdapat pada menara ini juga sudah hilang karena dicuri.



60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Friends & Family

60th birthday is an important milestone for most people, and it is also a day of celebration. This year, my friends and I decided to celebrate our 60th birthday together. We wanted to do something special for all of you. That is why we have decided to give you our 60th birthday gift ideas – something that will make your friends and family happy!

60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Friends & Family

The gift giving season is around the corner and people are thinking of ways to surprise their loved ones. They are also thinking of what they will give them on their 60th anniversary, or on the day of birth. Gift giving is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and bring smiles on their faces.

Here are some ideas for a thoughtful gift for 50th anniversary: Floral arrangement in different height boxes, which can be carried on one’s wrist so it will not get damaged as soon as it’ s put down on the floor then readjust it in one’s hand.

Chinese ornaments and other Chinese gifts like jade ware, bonsai trees and carved boxes for the living room. Decorated cake, which will match food and cupcakes if you are celebrating a wedding anniversary. For a 50th birthday custom-made personalized jewelry.

How to Choose the Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

The 60th birthday is a special occasion in every person’s life. It is a time for celebrating and enjoying one’s life. This year, you can give your loved ones something special and memorable by giving them the best birthday gift ideas.

We should not think of these 60th birthday gift ideas as just another “gift-giving-ideas” package that we can buy from the market. Instead, we should think of them as a way to express our love, affection and care towards our loved ones.

We should also be careful about what we choose to give them because there are different kinds of gifts that they really need on this occasion. .Our loved ones are not just anyone to us, we are very special and intimate too.

So, we should make them feel special by giving them very specific birthday gift ideas that can truly enhance their life.60th Birthday Gift Ideas: Happy Birthday Gifts for Parents There is no doubt that on any person’s 60th birthday, they’ll want to feel special.

Best Gifts For Her and Him – The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Gifts on a Budget

The best gifts for her and him are a great way to make your loved ones feel special. They can be used to surprise them, express love or even just to show that you care. We have created this guide with the help of the best gift experts in the world.

We have made sure that it is a comprehensive list of all kinds of gifts women and men will love. We have picked out the best gifts for her and him from our extensive research and from many sources around the web. . You can find a collection of the best gifts for her and him in our gift guide below.

This is one of the great things about being a retail analyst: the opportunity to improve your career by taking on new projects that might give you an edge over others. We have taken care to make sure that this is covered in detail for each item we cover.


Stitch Coloring Page Ideas That Will Inspire You to Get Creative

This article will show you how to start your own stitch coloring page collection. It is a great way for you to relax, destress, and find happiness in your life.

If you are looking for a new hobby or something that can help you destress from work, then stitch coloring is perfect for you. It can be done in the morning before work or after work or even during lunch break when you have some time to spare. It’s a great way to take a break from your routine and have some fun on the side!

9 Best Beginner Patterns for Design Inspiration

Beginner patterns are some of the most popular patterns in the world. They are often used as a starting point for designers and artists, who use them to learn new techniques and expand their skillset.

9 Best Beginner Patterns for Design Inspiration:

  1. Feather Stitch
  2. Diamond Stitch
  3. Chevron Stitch
  4. Cross-Stitch
  5. Spiderweb Pattern
  6. French Knots Pattern
  7. Square Stitches Pattern
  8. Picot Stitches Pattern
  9. Round Corners Patterns

Which Colors are the Most Popular for Adults?

It is not easy to decide what colors are the most popular for adults. The truth is, there are many different preferences across the world.

The most popular colors for adults fall into two categories – calming and vibrant. The calming colors include blue, green and purple while the vibrant color choices include red, yellow and orange.

The color choices for adults can be based on personal preference or based on their moods or emotions. For example, if someone is feeling overwhelmed by work and they want to feel more relaxed at home, they might choose a calming color like blue or green since it will make them feel less stressed out.

What is the Best Way to Color Your Stitching on a Pattern?

There are many ways to color your stitching on a pattern. Here are the most common ways:

  • – Using a single color of thread
  • – Using a single color of thread with a contrasting thread
  • – Using two colors of thread
  • – Using three colors of thread
  • – Using four colors of thread

How to Find an Interesting Crochet Pattern?

Crochet patterns are often quite difficult to find, but you can find it at Ever Free Coloring. Especially when they are not a part of a popular trend. That is why this article will share some of the most interesting and creative crochet patterns that you can find online.

Finding an interesting crochet pattern can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. This article will help you find the best places to find interesting crochet patterns, and it will also provide some helpful tips on how to make your own cool crochet creations.

The process of finding a good crochet pattern should be fun and easy for all levels of skill, so this article is perfect for beginners as well as experienced crafters alike!

Where Are the Best Places to Find Knitting Patterns?

There are many places to find knitting patterns, but some of the best places to find knitting patterns are on websites like Pinterest and Etsy.

Knitting is a popular hobby for many people. It is also a great way to make your own clothing or accessories without having to spend hours in a sewing room.

Knitting patterns can be found on websites like Etsy and Pinterest because there are many people who share their favorite patterns with others.

Finding the Right Kind of Craft Pattern Online

There are many craft pattern websites that allow you to find the right kind of craft pattern online. The best part about these websites is that they provide a lot of information on how to use the craft pattern, like how to make it for different kinds of crafts and when to use it.

Craft patterns are not just for crafters. These patterns can be used by makers, quilters, sewers, and needleworkers. There are even DIY patterns available online that you can use at home.

What Should I Try on My First Stitch Coloring Page?

There are many ways to make your first stitch coloring page. Below are some ideas for you to try on your first project.

– Try a collage: Start with a large piece of paper, and then add lots of different things in it.

– Try something abstract: For example, try using geometric shapes or patterns that you find online.

– Try something abstract but still representational: For example, try using an abstract pattern that doesn’t represent anything but still looks like it could be part of the picture on the page.

– Try something realistic: For example, try drawing people or animals in their natural habitat or even just their regular surroundings.


Kereta Api Tawang Alun

Kereta Api (KA) Tawang Alun merupakan kereta api yang beroperasi dengan rute Ketapang–Malang Kota Lama (PP). KA tawang Alun memulai pelayanannya pada tahun 2002 dan menjadi satu-satunya kereta api yang dapat digunakan oleh masyarakat di lintas ini.

Dengan rute Ketapang–Malang Kota Lama via Bangil, total jarak yang ditempuh oleh kereta api ini adalah 310 km. Dalam perjalanannya, KA Tawang Alun melalui lebih dari 20 stasiun. Oleh karena itulah jumlah penumpang yang menggunakan layanan kereta api ini dapat mencapai 1.500 orang setiap harinya.

Waktu tempuh rata-rata dari stasiun awal Ketapang hingga stasiun akhir Malang Kota Lama atau sebaliknya adalah 7 jam 35 menit. Oleh karena itulah frekuensi perjalanan Kereta Api Tawang Alun hanya sekali sehari pulang pergi.

Kelas yang tersedia di kereta api ini hanya ada satu, yaitu kelas ekonomi dengan 106 tempat duduk. Susunan tempat duduknya sama seperti kereta api kelas ekonomi pada umumnya, yaitu 3–2 dengan kursi saling berhadapan dan tidak dapat direbahkan.

Sebelum Kereta Api Tawang Alun beroperasi, terdapat kereta api penumpang yang beroperasi di wilayah tersebut, yaitu Kereta Api Rengganis. Kereta api ini beroperasi pada tahun 1990-an. Saat PT KAI melakukan penyederhanaan pada layanannya, KA Rengganis dihentikan pengoperasiannya dan digantikan oleh KA Tawang Alun.



Metlife Stadium: The Most Spectacular Sports Venue Ever!

Metlife Stadium is the world’s most spectacular sports venue ever. With a capacity of 82,500 people, it is one of the largest stadiums in the world.

Metlife Stadium is one of America’s most popular sporting venues. It has hosted over 100 events like Super Bowl XLVIII, World Series and NCAA Men’s Final Four since its opening in 2010.

Metlife Stadium was designed by HOK Sport and built by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects LLP and Turner Construction Company for MetLife Incorporated. It was completed in time for the 2010 NFL season opener on September 18th, 2009.

A Brief History and the MetLife Stadium, Including Current Events

The MetLife Stadium is a stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey that opened in 2010. It has a seating capacity of 82,500 and is the home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets of the National Football League.

The stadium was built as a replacement for Giants Stadium, which was demolished after its final event on October 30, 2008. The construction cost $1.6 billion and was funded by both public and private money.

The MetLife Stadium is located near MetLife Stadium Station on the Meadowlands Rail Line of NJ Transit’s Northeast Corridor Line and is connected to nearby parking lots via a pedestrian bridge over Route 3.

The Many Uses of MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is a stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey that was completed in 2010. The stadium is the home of the NFL’s New York Jets and New York Giants.

The metlife stadium stadium has a number of uses, including hosting concerts and sporting events. It can hold 80,000 people and has hosted many different sports including soccer, rugby, lacrosse, and even boxing matches.

The metlife stadium also has an app to help fans find their way around the grounds.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend an Event at MetLife Stadium

There are a lot of reasons why people should attend an event at MetLife Stadium. Here are some of the top five:

  1. New York Jets and Giants games
  2. NFL Draft at the stadium
  3. Concerts and other events
  4. Football games
  5. Enjoying the outdoors in East Rutherford, NJ

Luxury At Your Fingertips At MetLife Stadium!

MetLife Stadium is a world-famous venue in East Rutherford, New Jersey that has been the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets. It’s also a popular place for events such as concerts and NFL games.

If you’re looking for luxury accommodations near the stadium, MetLife Hotel & Residences is an excellent choice. This hotel offers great amenities and modern facilities that are sure to make your stay comfortable.

In addition to its central location near the stadium, this hotel is also close to the George Washington Bridge, which provides quick access to Manhattan.

How to Find the Best NFL Stadium Seat?

One of the most difficult things about going to an NFL game is finding the best seat. There are so many different options and a lot of factors to consider.

This article will show you how to find the best seat in an NFL stadium. It will also explain how to buy tickets for the Seahawks games and what are some of the best seats in Seattle.

Buying tickets for Seahawks games can be difficult because there are so many different options and factors that you have to take into consideration. This article will show you how to find the best seats, what are some of the benefits, and why it’s worth it for a Seattle Seahawks game.


The Ultimate Guide to Gas Grill Briquettes & How They Can Improve Your Grilling Experience

Gas grills are a great way to cook up delicious food. But, unless you know what you’re doing, it can be hard to get the perfect smoky flavor that you want. One of the best ways to do this is by using briquettes.

The best way to use briquettes is with a medium-high heat. This will give your food a nice smoky flavor without overcooking it and drying it out. If you want some extra flavor, try using wood chips or chunks instead of briquettes or gas.

What is a Gas Grill Briquette?

A briquette is a type of fuel that is used in cooking. It is made by compressing coal dust and other materials into a small block. It can be used in both gas grills and charcoal grills. The name “briquette” comes from the French word for “brick.” Briquettes are usually made out of coal dust, coke, or anthracite with additives like clay, sand, sawdust or ground corncobs. These days, the most popular briquet on the market is made from recycled paper.

They are also available in different shapes and sizes to meet different needs such as long thin ones for narrow spaces and shorter wider ones for easier handling. A briquette is a type of fuel that is used in cooking. It is made by compressing coal dust and other materials into a small block. It can be used in both gas grills and charcoal grills.

How to Choose the Right Gas Grill Briquette for Your Needs

There are many different types of grill briquettes available on the market. However, not all of them are the same. Some briquettes will light up faster than others, some will last longer than others and some will burn hotter than others.

Choosing the right grill briquette for your needs can be a challenging task. Knowing what to look for in a grill briquet can help you make a better decision about which one to buy.

Gas Grill Briquet Storage and Maintenance Tips For Longevity

Gas grill briquets are used for cooking food on a grill. They are usually made of compressed sawdust and coal. The size of the briquets varies from small to large. Briquets need to be replaced every time they burn out or after about two hours of use.

There are many factors that affect the lifespan of your briquets, including how often you cook and what type of food you cook on it. For example, if you cook with charcoal often, your grill will need more frequent maintenance than someone who cooks with gas only occasionally.

When do you change your gill briquets? Briquet life is determined by how often they’re used and what type of food they’re used for cooking – so it’s different for everyone!

How to Care for Your Gas Grill Briquette

Gas grills briquettes are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. This is because they are not as easy to clean as the grill itself. However, this is a mistake that can lead to an unpleasant experience for you and your guests.

The best way to clean your grill briquettes is with a wire brush. You can use it on both the top and bottom of the briquette. You should also use a soapy water solution or baking soda if necessary.

The best way to clean your grill briquettes is with a wire brush. You can use it on both the top and bottom of the briquette. You should also use a soapy water solution or baking soda if necessary, like information from


Gas grills are the most popular type of grill in the world. They are easy to use and maintain, and they have a lot of advantages that make them better than other types of grills.

The gas grill briquet is a small metal container that holds fuel for your gas grill. It’s an important part of your grill’s operation and should be replaced every time you refill your tank with propane.

A high-quality briquet will last longer than a standard briquet, which will save you money in the long run. It can also help you get more out of your propane tank by making it last longer between refills and by preventing leaks from occurring.