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A History of Primate Experimentation at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

The tradition lives on, 1997-present.

1997 Joseph Kemnitz appointed acting director upon John Hearn’s hurried retreat.

One of Kemnitz’s first tasks was to deal with the Vilas Monkey scandal. (His eventual elimination of the approximately 150 monkeys at the Henry Vilas Zoo is rewarded with a permanent appointment to the directorship.)

1997 Champ JE, Binkley N, Havighurst T, Colman RJ, Kemnitz JW, Roecker EB. The effect of advancing age on bone mineral content of female rhesus monkeys.

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1997 Ramsey JJ, Roecker EB, Weindruch R, Kemnitz JW. Energy expenditure of adult male rhesus monkeys during the first 30 mo of dietary restriction.

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2000 Eisner JR, Dumesic DA, Kemnitz JW, Abbott DH. Timing of prenatal androgen excess determines differential impairment in insulin secretion and action in adult female rhesus monkeys.

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2001 Edwards IJ, Rudel LL, Terry JG, Kemnitz JW, Weindruch R, Zaccaro DJ, Cefalu WT. Caloric restriction lowers plasma lipoprotein (a) in male but not female rhesus monkeys.

2001 Kemnitz pleads guilty/no contest and pays $100 fine for transporting a child between the ages of 4 and 8 years without a seatbelt.

2002 Kemnitz JW, Sapolsky RM, Altmann J, Muruthi P, Mott GE, Stefanick ML. Effects of food availability on serum insulin and lipid concentrations in free-ranging baboons.

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2004 Zondervan KT, Weeks DE, Colman R, Cardon LR, Hadfield R, Schleffler J, Trainor AG, Coe CL, Kemnitz JW, Kennedy SH. Familial aggregation of endometriosis in a large pedigree of rhesus macaques.

August 6, 2004 The Isthmus publishes Monkey Business: An Inside Look which describes some experimental procedures underway in WPRC labs.

2004 Smucny DA, Allison DB, Ingram DK, Roth GS, Kemnitz JW, Kohama SG, Lane MA, Black A. Changes in blood chemistry and hematology variables during aging in captive rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta).

2004 Bruns CM, Baum ST, Colman RJ, Eisner JR, Kemnitz JW, Weindruch R, Abbott DH. Insulin resistance and impaired insulin secretion in prenatally androgenized male rhesus monkeys.

2005 Ramsey JJ, Kemnitz JW, Newton W, Hagopian K, Patterson TA, Swick AG. Food intake in rhesus monkeys following central administration of orexins.

2005 Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles publish paper* debunking caloric restriction. MedPage Today describes theory as “fringe fad,” publishes online advice to primary care physicians:

MedPage Today Action Points:

Advise patients there are no scientific data suggesting that severe caloric restriction in humans will lead to a longer life. There are some data supporting this theory in small animals [rodents, fish, cockroaches, ticks, water fleas, spiders, mollusks and protozoa.]

Caution patients that severe caloric restriction may adversely affect their fertility and may also make them more vulnerable to infection and disease.

* Phelan JP, Rose MR. Why dietary restriction substantially increases longevity in animal models but won't in humans. Ageing Res Rev. 2005


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