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If Their Lips are Moving, They're Probably Lying

We were sent a copy of the minutes of the Novermber 17, 2005 meeting of the Campus Planning Committee.

In part, it reads:

"[Alan] Fish... asked [Steve] Knable to point out the storage facility owned by Budget Bicycle, and updated the committee on the University Research Park's purchase of that building. He told the committee that the parcel is the lynchpin in the redevelopment of this block for the Primate Center."

We announced our binding option contract on the parcel in question on June 6, 2005, more than five months before this meeting. Prior to that, the university had steadfastly refused to purchase the property from the owner of Budget Bicycle, Roger Charly.

If the parcel was deemed to be the lynchpin in the redevelopment of this block, why did the university build around it in 1998?

Here's an overhead view of the property, color-coded for clarity:

The parcel in question is outlined in green. The the gray and red sections are the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center. The blue building is the Harry Harlow Primate Psychology Building.

The red section is the newest addition, and as can be seen here, it was actually built around the parcel, which must have added significantly to its cost.

The adjoining gray section is a cobble of additions patched together over the years. It is the most rundown and oldest part of the center. Undoubtedly, it was scheduled for an extreme make-over before the university learned of its new neighbors.

The university's new interest in the property has little to do with anything other than silencing its critics.

Here's a photograph of our parcel with the new addition behind it.


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